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The Subscription Services can be configured via the GUI that will be provided to configure these services. Using the web based GUI the administrator can create a new account or modify the profile of existing account of the users who will be using the services.

  • Manage User Accounts
    The administrator can create new user accounts or modify the already existing accounts of the users who will be using the Subscription Engine console. Also delete the profile of any existing user if required.
  • View TPS Usage
    Here the administrator can view the throughput usage for the traffic coming on the Diamond Subscription Engine.
  • Configure Large Accounts
    The large accounts that the Subscription Engine uses to bind to the SMSC can also be defined from the GUI of the Subscription Engine console.
  • Create/Modify Subscription Services
    The Diamond Subscription Engine console provides an easy to use interface to the administrator to create or edit Services.
  • Email/SMS Alerts
    This option will enable the user to set a list of mobile numbers and emails, to which the alarms are sent.
  • Configure Default Messages
    The GUI also has an option to configure the default response messages that the Diamond Subscription Engine will send back to the subscriber.
  • View History
    View the history of any selected keyword.
  • View MSISDN details/MIS reports
    The Diamond Subscription Engine console provides an interface to the user to view MIS reports, access subscribers messages and access other details.