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The Diamond Pull-Push Gateway is a Multiple Number Messaging Gateway, which offers not only the option to setup keywords to access SMS services, but also actually SETUP UNIQUE SHORT GSM numbers over the same gateway and handle all requests simultaneously. The Pull-Push gateway can handle incoming SMS requests from users over SMPP, convert these requests into an HTTP request and forward these requests to the specific application provider configured for that particular keyword and short code combination.

  • Threaded Architecture
    For best handling of large number of SMS sent during events like exam results.
  • High Availability
    Mirrored setup means that the gateways are configured for maximum service uptime.
  • SMPP V3.3 & V3.4
    The Diamond Pull-Push Gateway has been designed to comply with the SMPP V3.3 & V3.4 protocol. A limited support for V4.0 is also provided.
  • Web Interface
    The Diamond Pull-Push Gateway may be configured using an easy and intuitive web interface that comes included with the platform.
  • Back up
    The backup and restore procedure of the Diamond Pull-Push Gateway is extremely easy to perform and can even be automated.
  • Reporting
    The reporting component of the Diamond Pull-Push Gateway runs on computers connected in parallel to avoid any system load on the actual delivery of services, while performing MIS functions.
  • Concatenation of Return Responses
    The return response of the SMS messages if exceeding 160 characters can be sent back as one SMS using concatenation. Along with this, the messages can also be smartly split.

Creating & Editing Keyword or Service
The Main Manager provides an interface to the user to create or edit SMS Keywords or services.

CGI Access
The most powerful tool that a user can use to add SMS functionality, this enables the user to actually create custom applications for SMS platform.

Full HTTP Support
In HTTP both POST and GET methods are supported. In case the method is POST, then Post Values will be required.

  • Connect to Multiple SMSC
    Can be connected to multiple SMSC and circles running as virtual gateway thereby isolating critical services and making them run in independent environments to avoid catastrophic failures in case any of the content partners services go down.
  • Customized Error Codes
    Two error codes that will be available to be defined will be for HTTP error codes starting with 4 and 5 respectively. Such as 403 (Forbidden), 404 (Not Found) will be in one group and 500 (Internal Server Error) in one group.

Long code SMS service
The Pull Gateway can handle Long code services routed to it from the SMSC. Unlike Short Codes 7333, 8888 which are popular for 2 Way SMS comm., can handle incoming SMS only from INDIA, Long Codes like +91.98123.12345 can be configured on the gateway and can allow incoming SMS from any part of the World.

Billing Platforms
The PULL gateway can also generate CDRs and even link directly to billing systems such as UCAP for real-time billing requirements. Support for custom billing APIs can also developed provided API details for the same and support is provided.

Enhanced Reporting tools server
If a customer is looking beyond the standard reports generated on the PULL gateway, then one can always opt for the enhanced Reporting Tools whereby detailed statistics of usages can be made available. The reporting server also has the ability to push these reports generated via Email or FTP or both.

  • CDR in text Format
    CDRs will be available in pipe delimited text files and may be uploaded or accessed via FTP/SFTP.
  • Dynamic Suffix Support
    The Diamond Pull-Push gateways can also support range services. This is particularly essential for deploying session based services where dynamic short codes are to be assigned to subscribers for services such as SMS chat and contests.