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The Diamond Push Gateway is essentially a BULK messaging gateway that can efficiently accept messages, via WEB, UPLOAD, URL and FTP and send the same further as SMS to mobile users. It is designed to handle very high volumes of traffic and using custom designed algorithms, send them in the most optimized manner possible. It is designed to handle very high volumes of traffic and using custom designed algorithms, send them in the most optimized manner possible.

  • Campaign Manager
    Users can manage their scheduled messages using a campaign manager module. Uploads can be named as campaigns while being scheduled for dispatch. Along with viewing the MIS for the number of messages sent on a date, it is now possible to view the status of the campaigns pushed via the web interface and even delete them before the scheduled time.
  • Fine Tuned for WEB & URL Access
    The Diamond Push gateways are extremely specialized gateways. They have been designed to handle very high amounts of traffic on relatively modest hardware configurations. To achieve the same, these gateways have been designed to handle either WEB or URL traffic efficiently.
  • Dedicated Large Accounts
    It is now possible to assign dedicated large accounts from the SMSC for a particular user. This can be done by providing the SMSC large account details in the SMSC connect string field based on the format mentioned next to these fields.
    If an account is added, then the connections are established automatically.

Individual account TPS Control
In order to efficiently distribute the licensed gateway capacity, it is possible to distribute the TPS capacity to individual users. This is applicable to both WEB as well as URL users.

Quota Control
A further method to distribute the gateway capacity in an efficient manner is to assign daily quotas to individual users.

Scheduling of messages
One very major enhancement is the feature of scheduling. It is possible to schedule messages for sending from 9am and till 8pm up to 14 days in advance.

  • Enhanced admin account control
    In order to provide added control, the admin account can delete any campaign for any user. The admin account can also view the message content push by any user for added security. Also available will be message query tools for viewing status of messages sent on the gateway.
  • Smart Messaging
    Users will be able to send BINARY/UNICODE/FLASH and SERVICE INBOX messages.
  • Credit Management
    It would be possible to define credit limits for individual users so that their SMS sending usage may be controlled and they may be billed (if required) accordingly.
  • Customized look & Feel
    The gateway interface can be used for providing reseller services by providing customizable look and feel to the GUI interface of the bulk push gateway.
  • Group Messaging
    Users can also define groups to which they will be able to send messages via a single interface without having to upload the MSISDN list over and over again.

Multi Lingual Interface
At present, we have multilingual interface available for sending messages in Hindi/Bangla/Telugu and some other Indian regional languages. We are working for more international languages as well.

Content Filters
A list of objectionable words (up to 5000) may be defined on the system to block messages containing any of these words to be sent to the SMS recipient.

Delivery Reports
Messages can be marked for delivery reports and the same maybe viewed in real-time using the GUI tools provided along with the gateway.

  • Virtual SMSC
    There are times where an operator wants to give SMPP access to its content partners, but owing to security and similar compulsions, is not able to do the same. The Diamond Push Gateway has a solution for this scenario in the form of a Virtual SMSC. Content partners can connect to this virtual SMSC and push their messages over SMPP Protocol, while the gateway intelligently handles these messages in smart queues and pushes them to SMSC in the most optimized manner possible.
  • Billing Platforms
    The PUSH gateway can also generate CDRs and even link directly to billing systems such as UCAP for real-time billing requirements. Support for custom billing APIs can also developed provided API details for the same and support is provided.
  • DND Servers
    In the changing world scenario, it is becoming essential to block sending of messages to SMS recipients who do not wish to receive SMS alerts. The Diamond SMS Push gateway can be integrated with our DND servers that are optimized to function along with our high speed push gateways.
  • Enhanced Reporting tools server
    If a customer is looking beyond the standard reports generated on the PUSH gateway, then one can always opt for the enhanced Reporting Tools whereby detailed statistics of usages can be made available. The reporting server also has the ability to push these reports generated via Email or FTP or both.