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We can provide you with an integrated solution for sending mms messages in bulk. We support WAP Push Message, MMS Message, WAP Multimedia Message, WAP OTA settings, WAP OTA BookMark, OMA OTA settings, SYNCML OTA settings, XML settings Document, Voice Mail Notification, WAP BookMark OTA Messages, WAP Configuration OTA Messages, WAP Configuration OTA - URL Parameters, WAP Configuration OTA - OTA Documents, OMA provisioning content OTA Messages, MMS Notifications and content, MMS Message Files - MMSCOMP, MMSC Messaging Server, E-MAIL - MMS GATEWAY and Voice Mail notification Messages. The Diamond MMS Gateway can handle up to 20 MMS of 300kb per second.

  • Easy to setup
    Easy to setup, these gateways can rapidly be deployed.
  • High Availability
    Mirrored setup means that the gateways are configured for maximum service uptime.
  • Supports MM7 protocol
    The Diamond MMS Gateway has been designed to comply with the MM7 protocol. A limited support for SMTP is also under development.
  • Web Interface
    Messages can be easily uploaded via a web based GUI.
  • Content Supported
    Image files (BMP, PNG, JPG, GIF), Video (3GP), Audio (WAV,MP3) and plain text.
  • GUI based message encoder
    One unique feature of the Diamond MMS gateway is that it provides a GUI based utility to encode MMS messages containing images, text and video too.
  • User manager
    Users can be created to access the MMS gateway to send MMS messages from their individual accounts and can even be billed later on based on their gateway usage.
  • HTTP Charging
    HTTP based Charging protocols can be integrated based on API documentation provided.
  • Billing Platforms
    The MMS gateway can also generate CDRs and even link directly to billing systems such as UCAP for real-time billing requirements. Support for custom billing APIs can also be developed provided API details for the same and support is provided.
  • Enhanced Reporting tools server
    If a customer is looking beyond the standard reports generated on the MMS gateway, then one can always opt for the enhanced Reporting Tools whereby detailed statistics of usages can be made available. The reporting server also has the ability to push these reports generated via Email or FTP or both.